Stef & Lauren.jpg

Stefanie Burkhart - Lead Designer/Project Manager


From the conference room to the flower studio - a real-life riches-to-rags story.   Once upon a time she wore high heels and snappy suits to work.  Now you'll find her in tennis shoes with hair in a bun, corralling two toddlers and snipping flower stems during naptime.  The decision to DIY her entire wedding (literally everything from the desserts and lawn games to graphic design and flowers) sparked a love for all things floral and turned into a full-time flower studio 1 year later.  After a maternity leave that wouldn't end (two kids in 13 months is just, like, a lot ok?) she went out into the garage and started building a flower cart.  Just like that, she's back.

As someone who never wanted the big, luxury wedding, she really understands couples with a simple vision.  She is also passionate about helping couples on a budget figure out a DIY floral plan that extends beyond the selection at Sam's Club (which is not a judgement because that's where she ordered her wedding flowers!)  

Lauren Watermeier - Associate Designer/Client Relationship Manager 


Let's just say, if Lauren invites you to anything, YOU SAY YES.  For a tiny person, she does everything big (like, when you go for their neighborhood 4th of July parade and she's got 7 breakfast entrees on the table and multiple fully-decorated bikes and scooters for the kids, then popsicles and lunch for afterward).  And she'll make you feel like her best friend for every second you know her.  As a recovering workaholic (3 jobs at a time, minimum), she now spends her time raising the world's most confident and delightful little girl and loving her husband to pieces.  She hates wasting anything, and her desire to make us sustainable is driving a lot of our decisions to be as foam-free as possible and reuse anything we can.   

She has an incredible eye for scale and color, and goes above and beyond to make all of our clients and vendors feel loved and appreciated.  You will LOVE working with her!